Robugs 3D


Robugs are 'robotic bugs' whose behaviour is controlled by user-designed circuits. It will be an educational tool as much a game, and provide a more complex/richer simulation than other similar programs. The project is being written in Java (JDK 1.5/Java3D 1.3).


The circuit editor is complete, and we're working on the robug editor and a 2d (flat) world to start with then moving into 3d after robugs can move around, bump into things etc. See the project page on Sourceforge for further details.


Linux Windows Latest screenshot
Linux screenshot Windows screenshot Latest screenshot

Example circuit

Bounce circuit Bounce simulation (2 bugs)
Bounce circuit image Bounce circuit simulation
Bounce animation (2D, 3 bugs)

Team members

  • Alias_X
    Circuit Design, Circuit Editor, Group Manager
  • Westie
    World Playing Arena, Group Manager


Version 0.06 (circuit editor/simulator only) is available for download in either source or binary format from the project file list. The source requires JDK 1.4 to compile, the binary requires JRE 1.4 to run. These are both freely available from

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